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Strategies of RIC

1. Promoting research activities

To achieve this objective, here are our strategies:

  • Encourage researchers to propose and to conduct research project with national and international partners
  • Exchange research outputs with local and international researchers through conferences, proceeding, workshop -etc.

2. Continuous improvement for highly-qualified researchers

The following strategies are to be implemented to achieve the above objective:

  • Encourage faculty staff for doctoral study or post-doctoral study
  • Send researchers to have experiences in laboratory of national and international partners
  • Develop capacity of researchers for research proposal writing and grant proposal writing
  • Develop skill of researchers on planning, project management, and report writing

3. Upgrade laboratory facilities

With the support from the government French government, Belgium government, Japanese government, AUF, AUN-Seed-Net and other development partners ITC has equipped with some good equipment. However, there is still has limitation in terms of research facility. Therefore, ITC continues to strengthen and upgrade the laboratory facilities through expansion of collaboration with partners. the following strategies are to be implemented to achieve the above objective:

  • Develop laboratory with specific field to response to development of scientific knowledge and economic improvement
  • Equip modern facilities for research and development through support from government and internal partners
  • Continue to strengthen and expand the collaboration with development partner such as French, Belgium, Japan, Korean and other development partners

4. Strengthening and expanding of researcher network

In the sector ITC has researcher network at local and international level such as MOEYS, RUPP, RUFA, Ministry of industry and handicraft, and Ministry of water resources and Meteorology, etc together with French embassy, AUF, Ares-CCD, AUN/Seed-Net, World Bank. These local and internal agencies provide technical and financial support to ITC. To achieve this objective ITC will do the following:

  • Continue to propose research project proposal with existing partners
  • Join scientific conferences and events to exchange research outputs
  • Invite scientific keynote speaker for events organized by ITC

5. Strengthening and expanding of collaboration with private sector

  • Continue to propose research project for development of manufacturing technologies
  • Continue to organize scientific events to share experiences by involving from academic and private sectors
  • Continue to provide services to private sectors such as training, raw material and final product analysis, and consultation -etc.


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