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Perspectives of RIC

ITC has a mission to reinforce scientific research, and transfer technology to private sector and society for development of Cambodia. This can be achieved (or ITC is moving its mission forward) through the HEIP project, LBE project, AUN/Seed-Net project, Erasmus+ projects, funds of Royal Government of Cambodia. ITC continues to work on the following activities for this fiscal year 2019-2020

1. Organize scientific event at ITC (May 2019) 

2. Hosting the 4th international symposium of SATREPS project entitle ‘Establishment of Environmental conservation platform for Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

3. Strengthen research ability by doing internal training or/and external training, and participation of faculty staffs at conferences

4. Continue to direct to thematic research linkage with master and doctoral programs, or/and the needs of country

5. Conduct deeply investigation about the motivation of faculty staffs for research: training (research ability), occupation inside and/or outside, curiosity on science, revenues, academic promotion, and commercialization of research outputs

6. Encourage/ Involve staffs who get PhD in math/physic in the suitable research projects

7. Enable/Activate research project between ITC and public/private sectors

8. Provide consulting for companies

9. Management of innovation and research centre at ITC including laboratories management system to be in place

10. Dispatch researchers in local and international private companies

11. Dispatch foreign experts to form the structuring of research at ITC (intellectual property, evaluation quality of the research, etc.,)

12. Dispatch Cambodian experts to foreign partner universities to study the research structuring at university

13. Reinforce project management capacity for researchers and secure a better outreach of research outputs to society

14. Increase number of publications in ITC/international publishers

Regional conference 

- The department GIM has submitted the proposal to AUN/SEED-Net for hosting regional conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in 2019.