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RIC Training Topics

  1. Communication Science 
  2. Research Methodology

Water and Environment (WAE Research Unit)

  1. GIS and Remote Sensing
  2. Water and Wastewater Treatment
  3. Hydrological Modelling
  4. Research Methodology on Water and Environment
  5. Water Quality Assessment
  6. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
  7. Plumbing 
  8. Crop Water Modelling
  9. Irrigation Management
  10. Flood Modelling: HEC-RAS, Flo2D  
  11. Environmental Impact Assessment

Food Technology and Nutrition (FTN Research Unit)

  1. 5S, GMP and HACCP for Food Quality and Safety
  2. Food Supply Chain Management
  3. Food and Water Hygiene and Sanitation
  4. Physicochemical and Microbiological Analysis
  5. Food Contaminant Analysis
  6. Nutritional Quality Analysis of Food and Beverages
  7. Impact of Process on Food Quality  
  8. Proper Applications of Food Additives
  9. Improving the Shelf-life of Food Products
  10. Food Process Design and Optimization  

Materials Science and Structure (MSS Research Unit)

  1. Concrete Mixing
  2. Practical on Solid Testing
  3. Simulation FEM/FEA
  4. Course on CAD/CAE
  5. Material Testing and Selection
  6. Structure Glass Design and Construction Technology

Mechatronics and Information Technology (MIT Research Unit)

  1. Artificial Intelligent with Application and Instrumentation
  2. Instrumentation for Automation and Robotics
  3. Surveying (e.g. Level, Total Station, GNSS & UAV)
  4. Business Model Canvas
  5. SWOT, PEST and 5-Force Analysis
  6. Attribute Map
  7. Design Theory Branding
  8. Contents Development

Energy Technology and Management (ETM Research Unit)

  1. Energy Management Systems 
  2. Energy Conservation of Thermal Equipment 
  3. Energy Conservation of Electrical Equipment 
  4. Energy Audit Procedure