Energy Technology and Management (ETM)

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Energy Technology and Management (ETM)

Cambodian Context 

Cambodia has enjoyed an average rate of economic growth of about 7.7% during the last decade, and its economy is shifting toward industrialization guided by the adoption of the “Industrial Development Policy” under the country long-term vision toward 2030. Consequently, the country has experienced steep increases in energy demand and consumption. For sustainable development of the country, Energy Security is extremely important, requiring the development of energy sector infrastructure and human resources to match the pace of socio-economic progress.  Renewable Energy cost has drastically decreased within a short period of time, especially for solar photovoltaic and onshore wind energy. Expanding the share of renewables in the country energy mix, energy efficiency and energy conservation are key for the energy sector in Cambodia. 

The Research Unit

The research unit dedicated to Energy Technology and Management brings expertise with international recognition in specific areas in connexion with Cambodian needs, contributing to the development of new and renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation. The prioritised areas of research and collaboration including but not limited to the conversion of biomass and agricultural waste and by-products into energy, solar PV and thermal energy, innovative smart grid, micro-grid for remote area, wind energy, energy consumption measurement and analysis, energy management system, simulation of the large energy system, and low emission technologies and materials.


Energy security through energy sources diversification, efficient use of energy and environmental friendliness.


  • Producing capable human resources in energy-related fields.
  • Conducting researches in renewable energy and energy recovery, conversion and saving to address local and regional issues.
  • Closely collaborating with related Ministries, national and international partners and private sectors.
  • Disseminate research findings and transfer technologies to the society

Research Topics

The multidisciplinary team addresses scientific issues in the following sectors:

  • New and Renewable Energy: Biomass, Solar PV, Solar PV/T, and Wind Turbine with a focus on design and modelling of processes, fuel and emissions measurements, lab and pilot scale equipment;
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Heat recovery, Waste to energy, thermal systems optimization, energy consumption measurement and modelling;
  • Smart grid: connexion from renewable sources and optimization of grid electricity distribution and micro-grid for remote areas.
  • Energy Management: modelling and optimization of large energy systems  

Research Projects