Food Technology and nutrition (FTN)

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Food Technology and nutrition (FTN)

Cambodian Context 

Although Cambodia is still mainly a rural country with 58% of the population being farmers, the processing of agricultural products is generally family-based or within informal industrial structures, with a low added value and a low level of technology, thus limiting their ability to compete in international markets. Only 10% of the industrial workers are in the food-beverage sector, a great majority (97%) of them working in micro-enterprises with no foreign investment. Besides the need for training technicians and engineers with a focus on agricultural products transformation and quality control, research centers with high-level faculty staff are needed to do research on food processes, develop original and innovative products adapted to Cambodian tastes and habits (dry or fermented products), and assist the growing industrial sector in the quality and safety assessment of the food chain.

The Research Unit

The research unit Food Technology and Nutrition is established to enhance the development of the food and beverage industry in Cambodia through cost-effective collaborative research and innovation programs between a diverse range of economic partners and the researchers of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. The Research Unit promotes technical platforms and research projects to support the sectors of food and feed processing, food storage, and preservation, innovative products from agriculture and forestry – including non-food applications and nutrition products -, food quality control. Other aspects as product design, cost-effectiveness, waste and by-products minimization, energy consumption reduction or valorization of Cambodian biodiversity are also studied in the Research Unit. To be a reliable center for research, training, and consultancy services in food processing improvement, food fermentation, food product development and innovation, value addition of agricultural products, food nutrition, food safety, food quality analyses, and food preservation in order to sustain the development of Cambodia.


To be an excellent unit for research, innovation, training, and consultancy services in the field of food science and technology for sustainable development of Cambodia. 


• To strengthen the researchers’ capacity in food-related fields to be nationally and regionally recognized

• To create standardized laboratories for research and hall technology for pilot scale

• To boost the research activities through local and international collaborations (Universities, Government, SMEs, NGOs)

• To promote technology transfer and to provide training and consultancy services to food industries and relevant stakeholders

• To increase national and international publications

• To host scientific events

Research Theme

• Food technology development in the Cambodian context (Solid-state and submerged fermentation, drying, …)

• Food product development and innovation

• Food quality and safety 

• Nutritional, aromatic and antimicrobial properties of Cambodian biodiversity

• Sustainability issues of Cambodian food technology: minimization of waste and by-products, chemical-free preservation, low energy consumption

• Volatile compounds analysis in wines and essential oils

• Pesticide and heavy metal analysis

Projects and Research topics

Research Projects