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  • Posted On: 2019-Oct-14

Institute of Technology of Cambodia

ITC as provision of human resources for Science Technology and Innovation


  1. Background


Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) now is the leading engineering institution in Cambodia where it is recognized globally and nationally for provision of quality human resource. Students graduated from ITC have been seen as the prioritized, potential and qualified candidates from many sectors. According to the survey, in 2019, only 2% of students are seeking employment or awaiting result of interview or could not be reached. Therefore, to sustain and ensure the quality of students, ITC direction boards always pay much attention towards staff capacity building and human resource development of ITC so as of that seen in the long-term and short-term overseas trainings conducted by both ITC and partner universities.


In the academic year 2018-2019, 112 missions for lecturers and 36 missions for students have been undertaken abroad as short-term trainings. These capacity buildings were partnering by ITC, AUF, ARES-CUD, Erasmus, AUN/SEED-Net, JICA, … etc., while last year, there were only 84 missions for lecturers and 37 missions for students. Moreover, the numbers of lecturers and students who pursue the graduate program abroad has been increasing unprecedentedly. As it is indicated in the academic year of 2018-2019, ITC has 29 lecturers to continue post-doc (1), doctoral study (26), and master study (2).  While, 119 students continued their study for doctoral degree (14) and master degree (105).


This number shows that ITC’s human resources have increased significantly in recent years with new PhD’s Degree holders. This year, number of PhD working at ITC is 80 which is much higher than the previous years.  Many more young lecturers and students are continuing their PhD’s Degree abroad and will come back in the upcoming years. Thus, this human Resources are undoubtedly contributing to support IDP, developing STEM Policy, TVET and being the membership in professional societies which is one among the prime factors for economic growth, especially, an interactive on adaptation and adoption of industry 4.0 in Cambodia.


Having seen that ITC has the highest Ph.D holders with of diverse of engineering backgrounds, yet the mismatch of those qualifications’ utilizations as the supplies from ITC human resources to meet the demands of government and private sectors is still challenging that needs to be taken into consideration. Some research results implemented by those Ph.D holders that are very impactful to both government and private institutions still cannot be utilized extensively to attract cooperation from stakeholders and relevant institutions for further use of the project results. Therefore, ITC is organizing one day workshop which attempts to inform and share the latest update of our potential human resources that we have had so far together with presentation of impactful research projects aligned with their dissertations.



  1. Objectives


The main objective of the event is to inform the relevant stakeholders including private sectors, the human resources and their expertise for matching up the supply and demand for improving science and technology, and innovation ecosystem in Cambodia. The following specific objectives are

  • Sharing the latest update of human resources holding Ph.D and employing at ITC
  • Present the research results from their dissertations
  • Launch vision of ITC to attract better resources and supporting policies of institutions
  • Boost collaboration among researchers and stakeholders
  • To be a flagship of higher education institution in engineering
  • To be a future of top regional institution
  • To be a leading institutional in applying technology transfer.



  1. Outputs


Potential human resources of ITC and their expertise are essential to local and international stakeholders including private sectors for improving science technology and innovation to boost economic of Cambodia.


The event expects the following outputs:

  • Golden age of ITC in terms of her richness of human resources with Ph.D holders
  • The research results from dissertation of staff holding Ph.D are presented
  • Vision of ITC for attracting better human resources and the best practices to support skill development and demand in Science Technology, and innovation.



  1. Date Venue, and Agenda


Date: October 25, 2019

Venue: Conference Hall A, Institute of Technology of CAMBODIA

Agenda: TBA



  1. Contact information


Ms. LY Soda

Secretary of Research and Innovation Center

Institute of Technology of Cambodia

E-mail : info@ric.itc.edu.kh

Phone : (+855) 17 38 53 38

Website : www.ric.itc.edu.kh